Tapjoy's Jennifer Cho Describes 4 User Segments Worth Targeting

July 19, 2018 Kaity Fuqua

Jennifer Cho, Director of Account Management for Developer Relations at Tapjoy, shares four powerful segmentation strategies and ways to monetize them with Gamasutra.

Today's app developers strive to customize the app experience as much as possible in hopes of building longer lasting -- and more profitable -- user relationships. With access to a trove of information on user behaviors and preferences, developers have plenty of data on which to build user segments for customized monetization and engagement campaigns. 

Commonly, most developers start by segmenting spenders versus non-spenders. Although this division offers an excellent baseline for all the segmentation possibilities that lie ahead, they are also a bit limiting. Tapjoy's Jennifer Cho reveals four powerful but often overlooked ad-based user segments that help drive better engagement an monetization. 

With intentions of taking a segmentation strategy to the next level, developers should build segments based on: 

Segment #1: Currency Samplers 

Segment #2: Ad Fanatics

Segment #3: Non-Rewarded Ad Viewers 

Segment #4: Never Watchers

For a more in-depth look at each of these segments, head over to Gamasutra to read the full length blog post! 

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