Congratulations to the Top 50 Developers

August 30, 2018 Kaity Fuqua

The 2018 edition of’s Top 50 Developers list is out, and it offers a revealing look at what it takes to succeed in today’s mobile gaming landscape. The developers on this year’s list offer exciting games, true innovation and smart monetization strategies. And if you look closely, you’ll notice that a good number of them also offer Tapjoy’s rewarded advertisements.

We’re not saying that they got into the Top 50 because of us, but we are suggesting that maybe the same ingenuity, resourcefulness and smart decision making that got them there might have played a role in leading them to partner with us as well.

This year’s list features a mix of app developers from throughout the world and from a variety of categories. It’s got big names like Ubisoft, Zynga and Tencent (all Tapjoy partners), as well as developers across a spectrum of games -- from casual and casino games to role playing and sports games.

We extend our heartiest congratulations to all of the developers named to the list, and to those who are Tapjoy partners, thanks for choosing us! Here’s a quick look at just a small handful of the many Top 50 developers working with Tapjoy:

Epic Games (#1)

“It’s been five years since Epic Games was named in our Top 50 list. But this year everything has changed for the company thanks to one game: Fortnite. After a relatively quiet launch for what was originally a PvE experience, the addition of a battle royale mode has seen Fortnite become a cultural phenomenon. Footballers are adopting its dances in celebrations, rapper Drake is joining game streams with Ninja, and the mainstream media can’t get enough of it. Where Epic has really earned its place on the summit of the list, however, is the game’s mobile port. Powered by its Unreal Engine, Epic’s brought the full triple-A PC and console experience to smartphones. In its first 90 days on the App Store, it’s been claimed Fortnite made $100 million. Across all platforms it’s reportedly made over $1 billion.”

Voodoo (#20)

“Hyper-casual is one of the hottest trends in mobile gaming right now, and there are a few heavyweights battling it out for dominance in the ring. But by far the current champion is French developer and publisher Voodoo. It regularly dominates mobile’s download charts across an ever-growing portfolio that stars,, Helix Jump, Dune!, Snake Vs Block and many more. Generating money mostly from advertising, Voodoo’s success and further potential was highlighted by a $200m investment from Goldman Sachs. Its future is set to be in “new social and media apps, and Reuters reported in May that Voodoo plans to double its staff this year.”

Glu Mobile (#25)

“Glu continues to go from strength to strength. Its bookings grew 25.1% year-on-year to a record $86.3 million for the three months ending March 31st 2018. Thanks to its acquisition of Crowdstar back in late 2016, Design Home has become a star game in Glu’s portfolio. The MLB Tap Sports Baseball franchise has also proven reliable, the latest 2017 release generating $49.7 million. Looking forward, Glu has a new original IP in soft-launch called Titan World. At this point, it seems a turnaround to profitability is inevitable, in a future where those old expensive celebrity deals (2015’s Katy Perry Pop for instance) are largely left behind.”

Ludia (#40)

“No stranger to licensing deals, Ludia’s latest partnership with Universal gave us location-based augmented reality game Jurassic World Alive earlier this year. The Pokemon Go-inspired tie-in innovates on the genre – Niantic may well be taking notes – and opened strongly. It charted at fifth place in the App Store download rankings in its opening week. It’s since become a steady top 70 grossing game in the US. Ludia’s other 2015 builder game Jurassic World: The Game, meanwhile, is also a top 100 grosser.”

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