In-App Ads Set to Boost Mobile Programmatic Ad Spend

April 13, 2018 Tapjoy

eMarketer reports programmatic advertising is on the rise with a projected increase by nearly $10 billion in 2018 spend.

Earlier this week eMarketer reported that over $46 billion will be spent on programmatic advertising in the US in 2018, accounting for 82.5 percent of all US digital display advertising. That's nearly $10 billion more than advertisers spent last year. 

What role does mobile advertising play? In 2018, mobile advertising is projected to account for roughly 70 percent of all programmatic ad spend, climbing to almost 90 percent by 2020. This not only showcases the importance of this channel to programmatic advertising, but to the digital market at large. eMarketer attributes this growth to ongoing investments in mobile by social platforms and to industry-wide efforts to grow the in-app ad market.

Tapjoy is proud to play a considerable role in advancing the in-app ad market, through our investments in technology, creative, measurement and more. We firmly believe that in-app advertising — especially through value exchange-based ads — is not only the best way for brands and marketers to drive meaningful business outcomes, but when done correctly they provide the best experience for today’s tech-savvy consumers.

Significantly, eMarketer also reported that a majority of the nearly $19 billion additional dollars that will go into programmatic advertising over the next two years will be allocated to private setups such as private marketplaces (PMPs). Open markets will continue to suffer from issues related transparency and quality, eMarketer explained, while private marketplaces offer marketers greater accountability and higher value.

That’s exactly why we launched the Tapjoy Private Exchange in 2016. We opened up our premium in-app, opt-in mobile video inventory to programmatic ad buyers, while simultaneously maintaining strict control over where our partner’s ads are run. Thus providing the 100 percent transparency they deserve.

Programmatic advertising has clearly transformed the media buying landscape. As programmatic continues to shift towards mobile ads and private marketplaces, Tapjoy will be there to lead the way.

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